The Newsletter is being sent by email (if you have registered an email address) or post office if no email is on record. The lock combination on the gate at the Waitsburg Gun Club Range will be changed on September 1, 2016.  Membership renewals should be made before this time to have continued access to the range.  You may renew by sending in payment and the renewal form printed off the website (
or send payment and the form enclosed in your mailed newsletter. Renewals are due by September 1st, 2016. Make your check out to “Waitsburg Gun Club.”

Waitsburg Gun Club
c/o Fred McPherson
P.O. Box 3127
Walla Walla, WA 99362


You may also send your renewal to the following address but you will have to wait longer for your membership to be processed as this Waitsburg P.0. Box is checked less frequently:

Waitsburg Gun Club
P.O. Box 61
Waitsburg, WA 99361


RANGE INFORMATION PHONE NUMBER  509-524-8686 (Always Call and Check Range Condition (open or closed) before you go to the Range). MESSAGE PHONE NUMBER 509-524-8688 (To leave a message). All Gun Club Information is on the Website:  Email:

Membership fees for RENEWALS are:
$45.00 for NRA (National Rifle Association) members and $55.00 for non NRA members.

Membership renewals are allowed until Oct. 1, 2016 WITHOUT CURRENT MEMBERS HAVING TO PAY THE $30.00 INITIATION/SETUP FEE AGAIN.

 The website has full information about the Gun Club and includes all the Newsletters and Notices. If you want to see anything added to this website, email the club or put a note on the back of the renewal form.  Note - the membership renewal form has space for listing your email address.  Please add your email address if you would like to get other Gun Club information and newsletters sent to you during the year.

Election of Club Officers will take place Sept. 8, Thursday 2016 at the Annual General Meeting. The 2016 AGM will take place at 6:30pm, Sept. 8th, 2016 at the WGC clubhouse at the range.  Club Officers will be elected at this meeting. Come show your support and consider filling one of the vital roles in our all-volunteer organization. The offices up for election: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Senior Range Officer & Range Maintenance Officer. We need your help!

RANGE MAINTENANCE - To help run your club effectively, we will have a Range Work Day on Monday September 12th from 9:00-Noon to repair target frames and make other repairs around the club. Range Work Days are usually on Sunday but this will be on a Monday.

RANGE ABUSE - No drinking of ALCOHOL ON THE RANGE. No use of RECREATIONAL DRUGS ON THE RANGE.  Alcohol, drugs, and guns don't mix.  This is a violation of club rules.  If you violate this rule, your membership will be forfeited and you will not be allowed back on the range.

Do not shoot ANY metal targets during high fire danger time (usually June until Oct). Do not hang any metal targets during this time. Please DON’T shoot golf balls, TV sets, water jugs, or other non-standard targets.  Most people that shoot these targets don’t pick them up.  The mower does not like these targets & someone has to clean up the mess when doing Range maintenance.  After you get done shooting, please pick up your paper targets since they blow around and the neighbors don’t like the mess. Do not take pieces of stove wood out on the range & shoot at them and do not use tracers on the range at any time. This is not allowed.

We have installed new protective barriers on each side of the range. Do not shoot at pistol target holders from the rifle shooting benches. Remember, we do have neighbors and shots made in this manner will be dangerously directed at these neighbors. Only shoot at targets as noted by the posted signs (e.g., 50-yard target only).

RANGE DAMAGE - All members and guests need to help monitor range damage. Do not shoot the target frame supports (on purpose). If a member or guest sees inappropriate or dangerous behavior taking place, please document the event date, time, individuals or their license plate number and turn in to Club Officials (call 509-524-8688 and leave a message). We need this information to file a Police report so action can be taken. If damage is done, we need to take pictures of the damage before it is fixed. Member monitoring is how our Range will continue to exist at the same low cost to members.

 MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION NEEDED - We need to have everybody, even the life members, fill out the membership renewal form completely with all their information. Be sure to include your NRA 8-12 digit membership number and your expiration month and year if you are a member.  If you can’t find your membership card, take it off the mailing label on the magazine you get from the NRA or from your online account. We cannot give you the $10.00 membership discount without your current NRA membership number & expiration date.

If you wish to join the NRA, please send an email or call the information phone and you will receive another discount for joining the NRA through the Gun Club (as well as a membership discount).  The more members the Gun Club has enrolled in the NRA, the lower the Club’s insurance costs.

Remember, if you move, you need to let us know your new address. If you change your email address or phone #, email the new one to the club’s email address

If you need a set of the Gun Club RULES visit the web site

 If you have any other questions about the club, please put them on the back of your renewal page that you send back or send an email to