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Several things that the membership needs to think about.



1) The Club is having another Appleseed program in April the weekend of the 20 & 21st.


               For more information go to:

               E-mail: mailto:foxmw@whitman.edu

               National Website: http://appleseedusa.org.

               Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/NorthwestRegionProjectAppleseed

               The range will be closed for normal shooting this weekend – April 20-21, 2013.


2) A 22 rimfire shoot. There is a competition going on now. This is being helped by the Ruger firearms Company. This would be a good way for young people, women, and men to have some fun shooting a 22 rifle or pistol. To do something like this, we would have to have at least 15 or more members helping out. This many volunteers are needed to help put on something like this. Remember, the more help we have the less work there is for all. If you are interested, call or email me at info@waitsburggunclub.com. If you want more information on this go to the web and Google ruger rimfire competition. Please let me know if you think something like this would be fun for the club.


3) The Washington House Judiciary committee will soon consider House bill 1588, a gun control measure sponsored by your state Rep. Maureen Walsh that would require state approval for ALL PRIVATE firearm sales - including those between family, friends and neighbors. This is a bad bill so call Ted Nealey at 306-786-7828 or email him at terry.nealey@leg.wa.gov. Also call Maureen Walsh 360-786-7836 or email her at mareen.walsh@leg.wa.gov. Any member outside the area should look up your representative and contact them.  This is a bad House Bill for gun owners.


4) Sometime in the future, our Representatives in Olympia are going to be voting on House Bill 1184. This bill is very important to the gun clubs around the state. This bill would protect the clubs from being sued over noise. Please, everybody should call your State Representatives and tell them to vote for this bill. The local representatives are listed above. Those members outside the area should look up their State Representatives. A good link to find this information is - http://www.nraila.org/get-involved-locally/grassroots/write-your-reps.aspx. Click on “elected officials” for the names and addresses of your State Representatives.


If you have questions or concerns about the Waitsburg Gun Club or issues which may have an impact on its operation, please send a note to Fred at the following Email address  info@waitsburggunclub.com


All other information may be found on the Club Website



Thank you



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