Updated as of July 2019

1: Have your membership card and picture ID in your possession when on the range. You will be checked! (You must be 18 to be a WGC Member.)

2: Alcoholic beverages and/or drugs are not allowed on the range at any time. Anyone drinking Alcoholic beverages or using unsafe DRUGS, will be arrested

3: You must always comply with any Range Officer’s request or instruction.

4: Range is limited to club members and one accompanied guest except when range has been opened to the public on special occasions.

5: Guests are only allowed 3 visits before they must join. Members are responsible for their guest.

6: Shooting hours are from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM or sundown whichever comes first, except during any meetings that are on the range in the Range Clubhouse.

7: The gate must be locked after entering or leaving the range. If a Range Officer is on the Range, he or she might leave the gate open and close it when leaving.

8: Attach targets to the center of the cardboard on the target frames. Anywhere else results in damage to the frames from misplaced bullets. Never put targets on the rails or posts. You should bring a staple gun or tape to attach the targets to the cardboard. Self-stick targets are also easily attached.


10: SHOOTING RESTRICTIONS - DON’T SHOOT METAL TARGETS (excluding the Range provided hanging metal targets) from June 1st until Oct. 1st or during the dry season or any time the grass is dry on the Range. Do NOT use glass bottles, bowling pins, appliances, golf balls, etc., as targets. NO shooting exploding targets on the range at any time. If tin cans or other items are used, you must remove all the debris from the range & dispose of it in the appropriate receptacles provided when finished.  Do not shoot incendiary tracer ammo on range.

11: Only rifles and/or pistols are to be used in the covered shooting area!

12: Shotguns, archery equipment, and portable clay pigeon devices, are only to be used outside the west wall toward the trap area. If you use the shotgun area, please pickup your used shells and throw them away.

13: Club trap machines are to be used only by authorized personnel.

14: Help keep the range clean. Remove your targets & trash when finished & police the area around you.

15: No hunting or shooting at any wildlife from or on the range.

16: Always wear eye & ear protection when firing or on the firing line.

17: Make sure the ALL CLEAR flag door is closed and it is clear downrange before firing.

18: Respect other shooters. Allow access to a shooting station, time to set, check, and remove targets.

19: Do not jump over the firing line wall or go out the north doors and walk around the building to go down range! Only use the south door between the rifle/ pistol area to go down range and prop the door open so the CEASE FIRE warning flag is visible.

20: Keep all firearms pointed downrange when at a shooting station and keep all actions open when not firing.

21: Do not touch any firearm during a cease fire.

22: Be alert as to what is going on around you. THINK SAFETY

23: Follow the 10 rules of gun safety & the NRA safety rules. The following are the 4 most important:

1. Treat all firearms as if they’re loaded

2. Keep firearm pointed in a safe direction

3. Trigger finger off the trigger

4. Know your target & what is beyond

24: The Waitsburg Gun Club is not responsible for firearms left unattended or stored in the gun racks.

25: The range may be CLOSED during inclement weather. Sometimes the range is closed for special events. Do not enter when the range is closed.

26: If range is closed for maintenance, you may enter if you are willing to help. Call our range information phone # 509-524-8686 before you come to check the status of the range. If you would like to have a question answered about the range, use PHONE # 509-524-8688 and leave a message. Someone will call you back.

27: Violators of the Club Range Rules will be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the Club’s Constitution and Bylaws.

28: Do not drive down range when the weather has been rainy because the vehicle
will make ruts in the field and will make it hard to mow.

29: No .50 BMG (Browning Machine Gun) rounds should be fired at the Range. They are too destructive and too loud.

30: NO Fully Automatic Fire - Rate of Fire Not to Exceed One Round Every 3 seconds.